Who We Are

Independent Outlook

In property valuation, nothing is more important than reliability. At CivicMJD, we pride ourselves on being confident, competitive and independent in all avenues of our work. As a lender or client, you need to have confidence that our assessments and valuations are well founded and accurate, so that you can act effectively on every project and investment decision. We examine all properties and developments from a lender’s perspective, with no pre-determined opinions or personal interests. We know that this can only be achieved through honest and unbiased advice. Our valuations are concise, clear and logical, with every assumption supported by available evidence.

Local Knowledge – NATION WIDE REACH

Being successful and well regarded within our industry means mastering the detail. We pride ourselves on our knowledge along with our research in order to provide accurate assessments based upon current market conditions. Now we offer that same expertise on a National scale.

Areas of Expertise

Our proficiency and areas of expertise extends to a diversified field of property sectors including the valuation of: