Kilyan Amarnier

Market Update: Australia’s Multi-Unit Apartment and Townhouse Construction Industry

Australia’s Multi-Unit Apartment and Townhouse Construction industry has undergone significant shifts in recent years, influenced by factors ranging from government policies and economic trends to global disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we will explore the key dynamics shaping the industry, its current challenges, and the promising opportunities on the horizon. Shifts in … Read more

Land Tax Assessments in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

In Australia, Land Tax Assessments play a crucial role in determining the financial responsibilities of property owners. It is essential to understand the different methods of assessment associated with Land Tax Assessments in each state of Australia. Understanding Land Tax Assessments in Australia The Land Tax Assessments process revolves around the Valuer General’s determination of … Read more

Expert Witness – Central Pier, Docklands Case

CivicMJD is actively engaged in expert witness valuations nationwide, offering its specialised expertise across a diverse range of asset classes. Notably, our Melbourne team, under the leadership of David Tunbridge, played a pivotal role in the recently settled Central Pier (Docklands) v Head Landlord – Development Victoria case. Our mandate originated from Rigby Cooke Lawyers, … Read more

2023 Hotel & Tourism Update

Throughout 2023 the CIVIC MJD team has valued various hotels, serviced apartments and tourism related specialised properties on behalf of major and specialized banking clients. These included development projects in the Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD for proposed brand-new facilities and refurbishments. Our research shows that the Australian hotel and tourism property segment is in … Read more

CivicMJD Graduate Program

The Civic MJD Graduate Program offers successful candidates a paid internship and a foot-in-the-door into one of Australia’s largest commercial and residential valuation firms. At Civic MJD, we pride ourselves in the development and training of the next generation of property professionals, offering invaluable and unrivaled exposure to all property sectors including: The Program allows … Read more