CivicMJD Graduate Program

The Civic MJD Graduate Program offers successful candidates a paid internship and a foot-in-the-door into one of Australia’s largest commercial and residential valuation firms.

At Civic MJD, we pride ourselves in the development and training of the next generation of property professionals, offering invaluable and unrivaled exposure to all property sectors including:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Prestige Residential
  • Specialised Assets
  • Residential and Mixed-Use Development Projects.

The Program allows Graduates to work closely with Directors and an extensive network of senior staff, in local and interstate offices, in turn giving candidates an edge over their peers in their University/TAFE courses and the real world.

The Graduate Program is both challenging and rewarding, with a high conversion rate of successful applicants who, at the completion of their tertiary studies, have transitioned into full-time roles within their desired fields, both internally and throughout the industry.